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The only thing I want in Avengers 2 is Cap picking up Thor’s hammer, totally unaware it should be impossible.

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i was quite young when “hey ya” came out and i didn’t know that “caddy” was slang for “cadillac” so i thought that the line in the song was “don’t want to meet your daddy, just want you as my caddy” and i remember thinking, okay, he doesn’t want to commit to this girl. he’s just looking for a golfing buddy. fair enough. 

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i have “peggy” highlighted from xkit and so sometimes a captain america post will be highlighted and i will get excited thinking that someone’s tags are comparing me to steve rogers but no it’s just bc peggy carter is in the post

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awesome disney characters→ Nani Pelekai

No! You’re not taking her! I’m the only one who understands her! You take that away, she won’t stand a chance!

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How to color eggs with onion shells.



This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

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that one mutual u check for every time u lose a follower

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    Since it is so likely that children will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage.
— C.S. Lewis (via petitkatie)
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 Happy Birthday, Rei Hino! 
April 17th
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Bastille (with string section) Pompeii Live at Capitol Studios


song of the day: pompeii (cinematic version) - bastille (x)

'and if you close your eyes
does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all?’

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Soulless Curses | a playlist for lady knights, saviors of their own fairytale | listen

touch the sky julie fowlis learn me right birdie feat. mumford & sons  noble maiden fair emma thompson and peige berker  king and lionheart of monsters and men  bravado lorde  darkest horse rosie and me breath of life florence + the machine  the last dance within temptation bones ms mr scotland fthe lumineers