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oh hey so since i’m getting ready for my study abroad, i want to offer this up: i’m planning on writing a lot of postcards while i’m away so if we’re friends and you feel comfortable with me knowing ur address just send me an ask and i will mail you a couple of postcards from spain maybe!!

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Thanks to my axe™ body spray and nike™ elite socks I have over 12 gf’s



reminder that you are a person worthy of love and respect and that whatever sort of love you have to give is so valuable even though it isn’t always the same as other people’s. your love (whether it be romantic or platonic or sensual or whatever) and the way you express it are wonderful and unique, just like you. if you are looking for a significant other you bet your sweet behind that someone is out there who will appreciate and cherish you and what you have to offer from your heart. don’t ever feel the need to settle for somebody because you feel like the only person who take you. you are not broken or missing parts.you are wonderful and deserve someone who knows that.



this website is so fucking americentric it disgusts me

why talk about the fact that a lot of my family has been in prison at least once in their life for being dissident when you can talk about literally anything else

my family’s literally been murdered for speaking out against the oppressive government in cuba

how much longer are we going to ignore the oppression in latinx countries?????

nah just keep ignoring this it’s fine

"Waiting." "For what?” ”Family.” “You don’t have one.”


That weird 10 seconds of good animation in an episode always weirds me out.


Here’s Why Racism’s Not “Just Comedy” (via chescaleigh)

Here are some of the things I talked about in this video:

YouTube Star Posts “Prank” Assaulting Women

An Open Letter To Sam Pepper By Laci Green

Sam Pepper Exposed By Laci Green

Interview With The YouTubers Behind “Hood Pranks”

A Few Thoughts On The Recent YouTube Scandals

My Tumblr Posts About Shane Dawson’s Problematic Content

Bring Charges Against Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Renisha McBride shot and killed after asking for help after car accident

What’s Happening In Ferguson

Kendrec McDade, unarmed and shot by the police

John Crawford, shot by the police after 911 caller admits to lying about unloaded BB gun

Getting Called Out: How To Apologize 

YouTube Star Shane Dawson Apologizes For Blackface Videos But I’m Not Buying It




This whole Shane Dawson, Sam Pepper, Jenna Marbles foolishness wrapped up in 5 minutes. ( although the focus is on Shane the message applies to them all)

This vlog is EVERYTHING. Why doesn’t he have more subscribers?! 

I like this guy


there is something so incomprehensibly flattering about getting asks about your OCs. Like— someone, somewhere, somehow was so interested in this person you made up that they took a whole minute out of their day to inquire about some random, mundane aspect of their life and that’s beautiful to me


this kind of reminds me of how in zombie movies when someone gets bit and it doesnt kick in straight away


well well well. if it isn’t my old friend, the dawning realization that i fucked up real bad