the reason you find little cuts and bruises you don’t remember getting is because at night bats fly in your room and beat you up in your sleep


"derp/herp derp" is ableist stop fucking using it, it is a term that originated with making fun of kids with down syndrome and being like "ha ha derp face:-P" and it has been used against disabled people for so long after that, please stop using it, get mad at people that do use it, please

hums tumblr is stressing me out a bit so um!!! going to maybe go to bed or at least watch frasier w the fam bye

the thing is if your art is so stylized that the only distinguishing features between characters are skin color and hairstyle why the heck would you make everyone white and have several people with the same hairdo

like how does that not strike you as like. terrible lazy art.

my heartrate’s a bit up and i feel very fight or flight rn but otherwise im cool

did at least a teeny bit of creative work haha


Hedwig. (by syndrome stockholm)

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-Digital Painting

ok im going to draw for a bit to calm down maybe bye

my dad left to go to his classroom to get a few cds and then came back with these

so guess what im doing tomorrow as well

glitchfawn ;  
i think you've queueueud my entire blog. im so endeared

well friend it’s bc u have very good taste (which tbh just means taste that’s similar to mine but w/e <333)

I just spent like all day uploading 1100 songs from cds onto my parents computer for dads first ipod